Engaging for Impact

Join us for three days of interactive sessions with local and international leaders across industry, research and innovation as we identify collaborative opportunities that will help shape our future.

Engaging for Impact 2019 will give all participants the perfect forum to share insights, global trends, industry needs and best practices to ensure research and innovation is relevant and creating value and impact for Australia and the world.

Visionary keynote speakers, panel discussions, master classes, industry spotlight and priority workshops will focus on emerging and current trends and potential solutions to address the challenges faced by our society across four major topics.

We encourage you to make this event part of your professional development for 2019, and look forward to welcoming you to our City campus next February.

Melbourne 8 Million

With Melbourne’s population set to reach 8 million by 2051, the work of building a robust and resilient city for our communities must start now.

From our ageing population to our ageing infrastructure; unsustainable development to our reliance on non-sustainable energy; disruptive technologies to the disruption of climate change – Melbourne’s hyper-expansion comes with unprecedented challenges. Research, policy and practice need to come together to shape the decisions we make today, that will shape our future tomorrow.

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Empowering Health

Rapid advances in medical technology, big data, disease prevention and smarter systems offer exciting opportunities to put healthcare into the hands of the people.

Empowered patients – and healthcare providers – will be the future of health.

It’s a move towards personalised medicine and tailored health interventions. Towards clever homes that offer individualised knowledge, monitoring and diagnostics. Towards the bionic future, with 4D printing and nanomaterials delivering innovative replacement tissues and organs. Towards what is next on the horizon of care.

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Ethical Innovation &
Industry Transformation

Doing something better is not always the same as doing the right thing.

From more sophisticated AI technology or more efficient business practices, our innovations always have ethical implications.

As our innovations reshape business and society, we should consider who we are empowering and how those powers are used.

Where does ethics sit in the race for innovation?

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Shared Futures

How can research deliver solutions for all Australians? Weaving our history and our present, we must work together to design a shared future where everyone has a place.

To do this, we need tools to establish collaborative practices within and across organisations, effectively bringing together varied fields of knowledge and expertise in an holistic way. Shared futures mean sharing the journey. How do we want to start?

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Who Should Attend

Policy makers, healthcare professionals, creative practitioners, disruptors, futurists, research-led innovators, academic scholars and business entrepreneurs. Engaging For Impact 2019 is FREE of charge as part of RMIT's commitment to fostering greater collaboration between the University and the communities we serve.

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